The Power of Flowers on Feelings

Discover how the gift of flowers can evoke feelings of happiness and promote well-being on any occasion for anyone.

Discover how the gift of flowers can evoke feelings of happiness and promote well-being Mother’s Day is around the corner, and as you grab some last-minute items to celebrate mom with, you may think flowers are too typical or are something she has received too many times. It’s important to note that flowers are the…

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Food That Boosts Mental Health

Mental Health Boosting Food

Implement food that boosts mental health into your daily life for a simple way to participate in National Self-Love Month this year. For many, a new year marks new beginnings – a time for a fresh start and alignment in day-to-day life. Many do this by setting goals and resolutions to implement into their life…

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5 Helpful Tips to Manage Stress

stress free

Inhale…Exhale…April is Stress Awareness Month! In 1993, Stress Awareness Month was created to bring attention to the causes and cures for the “modern stress epidemic.” And with almost half of all U.S. adults recently reporting that stress negatively affects their behavior, this is a great time to talk about the impact it has on our…

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Every Kid Healthy Week: Mindful Monday

April 26-30th is Every Kid Healthy Week! “Each day of the week shines a spotlight on the great actions schools and families are taking to improve the health and wellness of their kids and the link between nutrition, physical activity, mental health, and learning – because healthy kids are better prepared to learn and thrive!”…

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Movember, Getting into the Thick of Men’s Health

Could your facial hair save a life? That’s certainly the goal of “Movember,” a global initiative to raise awareness for men’s mental and physical health issues. Movember was created in 2003 by a group of guys who wanted to put a stop to avoidable, premature male death. The idea? Grow a mustache for the month…

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