Mental Health Boosting Food

Implement food that boosts mental health into your daily life for a simple way to participate in National Self-Love Month this year.

For many, a new year marks new beginnings – a time for a fresh start and alignment in day-to-day life. Many do this by setting goals and resolutions to implement into their life to shape how their year will look and how they will achieve it. Taking the time to invest in your physical, spiritual, and psychological growth is all a part of a self-love journey.

January is also known as the month of Self-Love when people actively focus on their self-worth by implementing life practices to get what they deem they deserve. We have all heard of the phrase – “putting yourself first” – this is the mantra for taking care of oneself and mental health.  

A simple form of self-care is monitoring what you put in your body daily. Reports have shown that your mood and mental health can directly reflect the food you eat. As children, we hear that eating well will help us live well, which is true! Your daily diet is reflected in how you think and act.

Check out our list of five foods item to implement into your daily diet and boost your mental health this Self-Love month!

5 Foods That Boost Mental Health

  1. Dark Leafy Greens
  2. Fish
  3. Berries
  4. Dark Chocolate
  5. Green Tea

Click here to find some healthy, mental health-boosting recipes.

Avoid Over-Processed Foods

As much as certain food can promote positive mental health, foods rich in sugar and high fat have been linked to negative results on the body’s mental state, like depression. It is encouraged to limit the intake of over-processed food items and meals to avoid inflammation of the brain and body, which is linked to mood disorders or mental disorders.

Also, this time of year, many suffer from seasonal depression, where some feel a decrease in energy and sudden moodiness. Avoid foods linked to worsening mood-changing behaviors and fight against the factors that deteriorate your brain to keep your mood steady throughout the year. Put your health and wellness first.

Here is a list of common food to avoid.

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