Parents, get your official Elf on the Shelf doctor’s note today and get 3 days off from all elf duties!

Parents – you need to know there is an outbreak of Reindeer Flu in the North Pole! Get your Elf on the Shelf doctor’s note today!

Children love all of the fun things the Elf on the Shelf does, however, we understand the parents’ struggle of balancing the busy holiday season tasks and everyday life. With Christmas around the corner, your Elf on the Shelf duties are in full swing, and we are here to help!

The only cure for the Reindeer Flu is REST! So, it is simple! Inform your child of the influx of elves admitted to our emergency room due to the flu. Then, encourage them to follow the doctor’s order for rest and recovery to prevent their elf from spending Christmas Day in the ER. The note says no moving for 3 full days… it’s the doctor’s order.

Also, we include some prevention tips for your child to stay clear from Reindeer Influenza or, in the “real world,” the peak of winter respiratory illnesses. 

Keep in mind: Reindeer Influenza can only be spread from elf to elf, not to humans.

Download Your Elf Doctor’s Note

Download your printable Doctor’s Note here or by saving the image below. Fill in the missing information when you need a break from Elf duties or need to travel out of town.

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