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Revolutionary Treatment for Postpartum Depression Coming Soon to Edmond

By NutexMarketing | October 14, 2019

Edmond, OK, October 14, 2019 – Oklahoma ER & Hospital is proud to offer a new, revolutionary treatment for postpartum depression. The beneficial drug, Zulresso, will be available at the facility at the end of the month and can relieve women of postpartum depression symptoms in as little as 24 hours. The treatment is given through…

A Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer Awareness

By NutexMarketing | October 8, 2019

In October, women across the globe are reminded of the #1 most prevalent female killer worldwide, breast cancer. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a time for women to gather information, share their stories, and literally take health into their own hands with self-exams. In honor of the 1.38 million new cases annually, and in memory…

Oklahoma ER & Hospital Awarded Acclaimed Accreditation by the CIHQ

By NutexMarketing | September 20, 2019

Oklahoma ER & HospitalMakailyn DillionDirector of Marketingmdillion@okerhospital.com405.251.2300 . EDMOND, Oklahoma., Sept. 19, 2019, — Oklahoma ER & Hospital is proud to announce their recent accreditation by the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality. The CIHQ is a respected accreditation provider that recognizes exceptional acute care hospitals for exceeding expectations. To achieve accreditation, a hospital must…

Vaping, a 21st Century Epidemic

By NutexMarketing | September 16, 2019

What has been portrayed as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes has become a threatening epidemic sweeping America. The American Medical Association is urging the public to stop vaping as the number of lung-related illnesses skyrocket as a result of using nicotine and THC vapes. As of this week, there have been more than 450…

Child with backpack on walking

Backpack Safety

By NutexMarketing | September 3, 2019

Nothing says it’s time to go back to school than taking your kids shopping for a new backpack. Whether they’re trying to choose between Elsa and Anna, or Kylo Ren vs. Captain America, there is more to picking the best backpack than the color or character gracing it. Just because your kids seem to have…

young boys playing football

Youth Sports Safety

By NutexMarketing | August 2, 2019

For National Youth Sports Day, we’re going to discuss the popular sport, football, and how your kids can get involved while staying safe. Gear Up! Football is a contact sport, and when you add in tackling and physical contact, it can be a recipe for sprains and strains. To make sure your child stays safe,…

Summer Safety Event & Teddy Bear Mini Clinic Success

By NutexMarketing | June 25, 2019

The Summer Safety Event was held to help families learn about water, bike, and sun safety as well as tips on how to stay hydrated in the summer. There was a bounce house, water slide, and various stations setup to teach children about sun safety, water safety, outdoor safety, and swimming safety. With over 500…

Sick boy with thermometer laying in bed and mother hand taking temperature. Mother checking temperature of her sick son who has thermometer in his mouth. Sick child with fever and illness while resting in bed.

3 Common Illnesses & Injuries That Send Children to the ER

By NutexMarketing | June 20, 2019

Between flu season and the playground, it may seem like there’s always a new injury or infection plaguing your child. The American Medical Association reports that children constituted 1/5 of all ER visits in 2018, and 18 percent of children aged 0 – 17 visited the ER at least once last year. Protecting your child’s…

Stop the Spread of Measles

By NutexMarketing | May 24, 2019

In the past three years, outbreaks of measles have gone up. Every year there are more, and with 2019 not even halfway done, the CDC is already reporting over 500 cases of measles in the United States. These numbers are the second highest they have been since measles was eliminated in the year 2000. With…

Easter Celebrations at Oklahoma ER & Hospital

By mflores | April 19, 2019

On a cold and rainy morning, the Easter Bunny came hopping into Edmond to deliver eggs and Easter joy to local families. Oklahoma ER & Hospital was overjoyed to host such a dedicated bunny, and after seeing so many kids come to celebrate at our facility, we know that our community was excited too. Despite…