Packing for holiday trip

On-The-Go Safety and Health Essentials

By NutexMarketing | September 28, 2023

Discover on-the-go safety and health essentials to pack for travel this holiday season.  The holiday season typically means a lot of traveling, whether it’s a long drive to your relative’s home or a flight to celebrate in another part of the world. With all these plans for being on-the-go, there are precautions to keep you…

woman covered in ant bites

A Bad Bug Bite: When is it time to go to the emergency room?

By NutexMarketing | September 21, 2023

Most of us have experienced a bug bite in our lifetime, which came with redness, itchiness, and even pain at the bite site–ouch! Most of the time, there is nothing to worry about. However, sometimes, a bug bite may not be that simple, and you may notice an unusual reaction. When you experience a bad…

looking at food labels

What Do Food Labels Really Mean

By NutexMarketing | September 14, 2023

Food labels can be tricky. Here is a quick guide to understanding the most common labels and what they really mean. A simple trip to the grocery store can become confusing when you go in for one item and realize there are three options, all labeled differently. What do the labels mean? What food item…

Kids receives school physical

Get a Healthy Start Back to School

By NutexMarketing | August 10, 2023

Parents – ensure your little ones head back to school healthy! The start of a new school year can be exciting! However, preparing for your kids to return to school means more than just school supplies shopping and registering for class. You want to ensure this school year is your child’s best year yet. For…

Expiration Date

Do food expiration dates really matter?

By NutexMarketing | July 27, 2023

Trash it or not … how long is it safe to eat expired foods   There has been a time in all of our lives when we grabbed something from the refrigerator and noticed the expiration date had passed. Whether it’s one day or a week, we all wonder what this date really means—can we…

mixing alcohol and medication

The Dangers of Drinking Alcohol While Taking Medication

By NutexMarketing | July 20, 2023

Learn why you should never drink alcohol while on medication If you have ever taken any medication – prescribed or even over-the-counter – you have heard the saying “do not consume alcohol while taking medication” – but how true is this? Most medications include warning labels that tell us the dangers of mixing alcohol. The…

boy with bug bite

Emergency Sting, Bite, and Burn Care

By NutexMarketing | July 13, 2023

What to expect when experiencing an emergency sting, bite, or burn If you spend any time outdoors, especially during the summer months, you know how common stings, bites, and burns are. It is important to use caution when outdoors because you never know how an insect sting, animal bite, or skin burns from a poisonous…

Practicing smart screen time

Is too much screen time a cause for concern?

By NutexMarketing | July 6, 2023

We spend way too much time on our computers and smartphones. Let’s get more active and social! We have been fully immersed in the world of technology, with jobs requiring hours in front of a computer, communicating with our friends and family via social media sites, or streaming our favorite shows for entertainment. Most of…

Doctor checks for ear infection

Avoid Swimmer’s Ear This Summer

By NutexMarketing | June 29, 2023

Discover how to avoid swimmer’s ear and complications beyond this summer season It’s officially summer which means swimming pools, waterparks, beaches, and all things water fun. Summertime brings fun, but challenges to health can be heightened during this season. Discover how you and your loved ones can avoid swimmer’s ear.  Swimmer’s ear is sometimes only…

Gift of Mental Health

Give the Gift of Health This Father’s Day 

By NutexMarketing | June 15, 2023

Show support for your father or the father figures in your life by acknowledging the importance of men’s mental health and protecting their well-being. Father’s Day is a time to make our fathers and father figures feel special and appreciated for their role as “dad” in our lives. This year, go beyond the typical Father’s…